Dark Age Food&Beverages – Faramuszka (gramatka) breakfast soup.

Faramuszka (image source: http://www.milionkobiet.pl/)

An old Slavonic recipe. There’s some probability Normans knew it too. The soup is a thick, sweet and a very satiating meal. If made for breakfast can provide energy for a whole day 🙂 The soup is famous because it was a favourite breakfast meal of XVI c Polish king Sigismund the Old (the recipe is far older than that).

How to read the name:  faramushka  would be more or less correct.

What is needed:

Wholemeal bread loaf.
Wheat beer (any weizen is ok).

Peel the bread from crusts, slice into cubes. Put the sliced cubes into the cooking pot, pour beer and water.
Boil it and then lower the fire and cook 15 more minutes. Mix it.
Grind hazelnuts and mix it with butter and a spoon of honey then grind it some more and mix it. Cook on a really small fire. Pour the beer with bread mixture slowly into grinded hazelnuts and mix with a spoon. Add salt and optionally honey.