Reenactment – glassware jewellery.

Truso findings confirm the existence of an arabic trade route connecting Baltic coast with Arabic states. It seems that one of the most demanded commodities traded in Truso was glassware – glass panes, glass cups and chalices and glass beads. Beads interested us particularly – Elbląg museum has a very nice collection of those. The findings are a very beautiful handiwork, and variety of bead colours, shapes and mixes of glass (dots, shapes created by pouring one type of glass onto another) is astonishing.

Part of glassware treasure from Truso. Elbląg museum.

So we decided to get some of glassware ourselves. Three first (counting from above) are necklaces for tortoise clasps, and the last two are ordinary necklaces.

Our glassware necklaces.

Our glassware necklaces.