Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Thietmar of Merseburg


Thietmar of Merseburg, son of graf Siegmund von Walbeck (25.07-975 – 1.12.1018) was a German bishop of Merseburg and an author of a famous chronicle, especially important for early history of Polan state.… Continue reading

Reenactment – Ogrodzieniec Barbarian Invasion 2013 (IXc-XIc)


We wanted to share today the tournament that took place last weekend during Ogrodzieniec Barbarian Invasion 2013.  The focus of the event isI Xc -XIc peoples of Nothern and Central Europe – Slavs,… Continue reading

Dark Age Food&Beverages – pots and grill put to the test.


Recently we have put our pots, grill and tripod to the test. Having some guests we decided to have a nice, little garden party with one rule – we decided to eat some… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse music, Percival, pt III


“Oj Dido” by Percival is a Slavic song telling of young warriors, called to war by a slavonic “rada” (equivalent of the Norse althing), during which they died because this is the outcome… Continue reading

Of Popiel, the duke eaten by mice.


Popiel (Pumpil, Pumpyl, Pąpyl – “ash” or “a bubble”/”an ulcer” (as a sign of a tyrant)) was a legendary Goplan warlord, duke and a ruler over Goplan land, an important hero of one… Continue reading

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