Slavic and Norse music, Percival, pt III

“Oj Dido” by Percival is a Slavic song telling of young warriors, called to war by a slavonic “rada” (equivalent of the Norse althing), during which they died because this is the outcome the gods wanted to happen. A call to god Dido (one of the Swarożyc aspects, god of earthly fire and blaze; also a god of man’s fertility),  in this song he is being called for his strenght and vitality) and goddess Łada (goddess of vegetation and physical love) occurs after every verse, suggesting that the song is to be performed by a young girl. This particular choice of gods suggests that the singing woman would pray for a boyfriend’s or husband’s safe return – only the gods can return warriors safely, and if for no other reason then let love and warrior’s skill alone be that reason.

Goddess Łada