Dark Age Food&Beverages – pots and grill put to the test.

Recently we have put our pots, grill and tripod to the test. Having some guests we decided to have a nice, little garden party with one rule – we decided to eat some Slavonic food and drink some beer and mead, but the food had to be prepared and served traditional way. Beggining from making a fire with flint&tinder. We have started a fire quite quickly (5 mins for two of us) and began grilling beef. The beef was salted and sprinkled with herbal pepper.

Grilling beef.

After grilling beef we decided to make a second dish – pork with groats. We prepared two pots. We added oil to the smaller one (olive oil if you lack linen oil and you wish to follow our example. Linen oil is historical for Slavonic recipes while olive oil is not) and began to fry the salted and peppered (herbal pepper only!) pork sirloins in it next to the fire. We put groats into the second one , added water and salted the water, and hanged it on the tripod over the fire. When groats boiled and swollen, we added the contents of the smaller pot with pork to the pot with groats and boiled it for one more hour. What we get was a really tasty dish.

Pork & groats boling over the fire.

Tripod, grill and pots used are reconstructed based on many archeological finds from the Dark Age (steel and copper, interiors tinned, pots are made of riveted plates) .

We used our wooden plates and spoons to eat the dish,  providing a semi-darkage climate for our guests (who are not re-enactors themselves)

We apologize for poor quality of photos , but we didn’t plan to shoot them, they were taken from suprise. Pots passed the test and we decided to share these good news 🙂