Dark Age Food&Beverages – Bread Kvas

As mentioned before here, the Slavic word “kvas, kwas” (“acid”) comes from the name of Norse god Kvasir, whose blood was a component of Mead of Poetry, so wanted by Aesir gods.  Kvas or kwas is also a name for cool non-alcoholic (or with small quantity of alcohol) beverages, popular to this day amond Slavonic cultures.  Kwasy can be made from many things – beet, cabbage, but also …bread.

5 or 6 liters of water
25 ounces of wholemeal bread
1 grams of coarse rye flour (not necessary but speeds up the process, necessary if you don’t use sugar)
25 grams of sugar (do not use sugar to have a proper historical effect 🙂 )
1 or 2 grams of yeast
3 grams of raisins

Optionally – mint leaves, hops, black currant leaves, honey, lemon

Cut bread into cubes and bake until it becomes golden brown, then pour 100 grams of flour  ( step ot not necessary).  Water should be boiled and then cooled to 80 ° C.  Add the bread afterwards. You can also pour bread with a boiled water before the next step, but it must be cooled afterwards. Add  sugar and yeast (dissolved in warm water) and leave for 24 hours.

The basis for a successful acid is  a sour dough bread! Not our everyday on yeast or chemical addons.  If not available for you you can use brown -wholemeal (!) bread from the store. Check for addons – it should be pure as it can be – no additional preservers or other chemistry!

Optionally, you can add a decoction of mint 1 or 2 sachets, a decoction of 10 leaves of black currant, herbs or 1 ounce of hops, but not necessarily. Pour hops with water (1 L) and cook over low fire for 20 minutes.

Saps should remain untouched for 2 hours, afterwards they should be drained separately and add to the warm drink (around 30° C) after 24 hours  together with the yeast and sugar. Strain and pour into boiled glass bottles, such as a wine or soup, add raisins (five raisins to each bottle),plug it and move into the cool, dark place for 3 days, where bottles should lie. Warning – kvas fermentation can make the vessel to explode (much the same risk as with brewing beer)!

What you get is a dark, very sweet, spicy drink with natural gas. Wilkomir prefers it over any soda on the market.

Source (with the golden mark of approval!) : http://www.sm.fki.pl/kwaschlebowy.htm