Monthly Archive: August, 2014

III Meetings With History And Archeology, Wdzydze Kiszewskie 22-24.08.2014


  A year has passed since our first presence at this great event. For it is great and gets better and better every year! We arrived to Wdzydze with great eagerness to spend… Continue reading

Ancient Peoples of Baltic Coast – Vikings of Truso festival 15.08-17.08.2014


The last weekend was very tense. A lot of people arrived in Elbląg, not far from the location of Truso, to spend another wonderful weekend moving in time 1000 years backwards. Apart from… Continue reading

Wolin festival documentary.


An interesting documentary about polish Wolin festival, hosted by late icon of early medieval reenactment, Philip Burthem. A must see!

Elbląg Museum – remains of the nexus of three cultures.


  Elbląg, as mentioned in this post, was the nexus of Borussians (Pruthenians), Normans and Slavs, and they left a lot of artifacts around the city.  And archeologists are still digging up more… Continue reading

Castle Museum Ostróda


  During one of our journeys through north eastern parts of Poland we visited many museums and castles. Apart from very interesting sightings I always keep eyes open for early medieval stuff. I… Continue reading

XX Festival of Slavs and Vikings, Wolin, 01.08-03.08.2014


The biggest early medieval festival in Europe took place last weekend in Wolin, in the place of the Jomsborg/Vineta early medieval port, known from Jomsvikingasaga (the deathplace of Harald Bluetooth) . We weren’t… Continue reading

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