Ancient Peoples of Baltic Coast – Vikings of Truso festival 15.08-17.08.2014

The last weekend was very tense. A lot of people arrived in Elbląg, not far from the location of Truso, to spend another wonderful weekend moving in time 1000 years backwards. Apart from Polish reenactors there was a strong representation from Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Galleries (more to come – I will be updating this post):

First day (source:,3104,1,94,Wikingowie-z-Truso-w-Elblagu-dzien-pierwszy.html#szlak

Second day (source:,3110,1,56,Wikingowie-z-Truso-dzien-drugi.html#szlak

Julia Narwojsz and Alicja Michałek:

Joanna Witulska:


Bohurt (7 films on PajakoSS profile):

The location of the event is almost in the centre of the city, on one of the XVII century built bastions in the centre of Elbląg, on the island called Island of Granaries, surrounded by river Elbląg (Ilfing, the  very river Wulfstan travelled along to reach Truso, as was written here) from one side, and the fortress’ surrounding moats from other sides. We had literally to just take some steps to reach the river banks, a safe haven for the newly built viking boats.

The event conained a bit of everything – usual stuff like playing Kubb (Hafkitta, Ragnar and Ewa won the 2nd place!), battles, tournaments, dances, feasting etc. There was a lot of craftsmanship, a lot of stuff to buy. Music was great, again we had pleasure to listen to great musicians. I especially liked the drums, giving that certain “something” to the main battles. Evenings were focused on socializing with our north-eastern brethren from abroad.

There were some unfortunate injuries – two of warriors had to be hospitalized with serious injuries, many more had some smaller injuries, but the battles were worth seeing indeed. I didn’t take part in fighting this time – one could say I’ve lost the great opportunity to “feel the flow” again, but still, it was nice to watch.

The fireshow with amber dust was a new experience for me. Also, commemoration of Kormak, the legend of Polish reenactment was a moving moment.

I’d like to thank the hosts and magnificent reenactment brethren for great fun and understanding 😉

Some selected pics:

Ewa, Hafkitta and Ragnar winning the 2nd place in Kubb tournament.

This was Ewa’s first reenactment event! Gratz!

Floki charging with sword.

Reenactment brethren from Russia

Rain was heavy on Saturday. Hafkitta, Ulf, Patrycja and Ewa hiding in the foreground, kids playing in the background.

Zbyszek’s kids helping in the forge

Erik’s fireshow – he was using the amber dust to produce these flames.

Little Bjorn and Cichy showing the best skills – techniques used in this fight were impressive! (foto by Julia Narwojsz and Alicja Michałek)

Karolina crafting, accompanied by dogs Jeżomir and Hastur (foto by Julia Narwojsz and Alicja Michałek).

Foundation of the symbolic Kormak’s Cairn. Kormak is a legend of pomeranian reenatment. He died last year after sickness and this year’s festival was dedicated to him. The cairn will be built every time the event in Elblag takes place with the stones brought by reenactors. Finally the large painted and sculpted stone will be erected upon these stones. (foto by Julia Narwojsz and Alicja Michałek)

The proud Naglfar banner, paying homage to Kormak’s legend.

Ala and Julia (authors of the one of the galleries) selling their crafts.

Ines crafting her works. (foto by Julia Narwojsz and Alicja Michałek)

Max and Cichy concentrating on the intellectual game of dice. Counting dots on dice and counting money can take ages ;)… (foto by Julia Narwojsz and Alicja Michałek)