III Meetings With History And Archeology, Wdzydze Kiszewskie 22-24.08.2014


A year has passed since our first presence at this great event. For it is great and gets better and better every year!

We arrived to Wdzydze with great eagerness to spend the time even more productive and have even more fun than last year, and what happened next fulfilled our expectations completely.

First we started from setting up camp as usual, the spot of our camp was almost in the same place like the year before. After setting up stuff, we started a lot of interesting conversations, mostly on history and reenactment slowly going towards more relaxing things like jokes and just having fun, especially that it was quite late and not everybody had a chance or wish to dress up in medieval clothes after the day of hard work and physical struggle of setting up tents and surroundings.

Galleries (more to come I hope):

Konrad Hazi:


Geldape Mercenary Band:




Lila Zarzecka


TV News:

TVP Gdańsk:

http://www.tvp.pl/gdansk/informacja/panorama/wideo/24082014-1830/16558764 (from 11 minute, Polish, you can see us sitting next to the fire)

http://www.tvp.pl/gdansk/informacja/panorama/wideo/25082014-0730/16566990 (from 15 minute, Polish; interview with Grzegorz)

TVP Wybrzeże

http://www.tvwybrzeze.pl/index.php/wydarzenia,10881 (Hafkitta is playing Kubb on this one! )


http://www.tvp.pl/gdansk/publicystyka/nad-zatoka/wideo/odc-29082014/16630796 (7:40)


After we woke up, we found that our shields were stolen. We found them on the palisade, another *sigh*  “reenactment prank”, but somewhat silly and childish in my eyes *sigh*. Harmless stealing of shields and banners to show that warriors should better guard their symbols is O.K, but making the same thing with the whole tent, while reenactors were meeting people and having fun outside and when they like to think they’re among friends respecting them and their hard work with setting up the camp and tents, is completely unnaceptable in my eyes.

_DSC0801 (2)

Presentation of the groups. From left to right, Adam of Ermland Hird, team from Geldape Mercenary Band, Jarl Bjorn of PGOH, chilling out in the front in white tunic and covering the Bjorn the Little of Berserkir Hird in the back (blue-black shield), me with my red/yellow kuyavian swastika shield, already prepared for battle that is about to come , Kamil Barnim Antol, Durrandir of Wonneberg, Bartek, Anna and Snorri of Ulfhoednar. (pic by Konrad Hazi)

Early medieval reenactors arrived in Wdzydze in big numbers(Naglfar, Berserkir Hird, PGOH, Gautar, Inog, Kruki, Nordelag Ulfhoednar, Ermland, Einherjar to name a few), creating the great, eye-candy (sic!) camp for those three days. As usual, there were crafts to look at, early medieval merchandise to buy. What can I say, I couldn’t resist and I bought a necklace made of amethysts, mountain quartz and amber from Kram Niflheim (and I have to say this straight  – Julia makes great necklaces :)). Moreover, I bought  grzywna-type bracelet from another jeweller (Vlad) I am especially proud of (bests to my grzywna-groupie girls, who admired this piece of jewellery with me and on me 😉 – Hafkitta, Marta, Karolina, Ewa:) ). I believe everyone has bought something for themselves. We browsed and traded with a real, pomeranian early medieval spirit. And so – Bjorn the Greater has a new grzywna on his neck, Ewa will wear new dresses and shoes soon (work and guidance of Anna of Ulfhoednar), Hafkitta has a new fibula, some bought Cichy’s honey and other beekeeping products (I am a great fan of the art of beekeeping). Long things short: we had fun and are happy with our new toys. I tried to sell our newest member “reenactor girl” Ewa to the warrior Misza of Naglfar for some bottles of alcohol, but this trade didn’t work out, Ewa run away and said she’s not a slave and will not be traded (errata: the problem here was I was selling too cheaply in her eyes, point taken) … Well, better luck next time 🙂



Lots of stuff to buy and sell. (pic by Konrad Hazi)

_DSC0769 (2)

These gals’ and guys’ stall is often visited by me and Hafkitta. Always getting something from them and paying with hard coin.And always it’s worth it. 🙂 (pic by Konrad Hazi)

And then, our hosts – Niflheim – prepared for the event greatly. Food in the form of components or previously prepared dishes  given to reenactors, was tasty and distributed fast and with great order. I was happy our camp was closest to the distribution tent – having just a few steps to the source of food was good indeed. The food itself – simple but very satisfying. Our girls made a really great dish, with the little help from my side in preparing (ok, I washed carrots and sliced some – I had my part and you won’t take it from me 😉 ). There was a culinary competition, but we absolutely didn’t care who wins, the stew was so good it automatically won in our eyes.

We missed the great feast unfortunately :(. First of all we had a great time in our camp back then, second, as opposed to the distribution tent location, the feast was in quite a distance from our part of camp so, as we saw the big smoke, we were wondering what is the source of it, somehow unable to connect it in our minds with the feast. I am quite sure it had something to do with various alcohols being tasted at the moment in our camp, beer, mead and the “magical high-percentage something” Snorri had in his bottle 🙂 We had fun nevertheless, and we filled our poor stummicks with delicious meat roasted over our fireplace.


Early medieval clothing contest.(pic by Konrad Hazi)

We trained some with bows, just for fun and to show Ewa archery.


Archers at the range. (pic by Konrad Hazi)

There was a lot of fun – outdoor medieval games and competitions (dressing competition was great, participants had to explain their clothes to the public in proper reenactment and historical manner, the winner girl was dressed in rich finno-ugric dress), archery contest and of course – the battlefield.

Every year Niflheim builds the small palisade made of wooden logs. The effect was impressive last year in my eyes, but this year, our hosts made a moat filled with water. Now, this made the siege interesting and a lot more difficult for conquerors. Conquerors had ladders and at one point using the ladder as a battering ram was a brilliant move. It was great to watch it really.


Charging the gate.(pic by Konrad Hazi)


Crossing the moat with a ladder is never easy… (pic by Konrad Hazi)


Cichy’s about to kill someone with his danish axe. (pic by Konrad Hazi)


Battling in front of the palisade. (pic by Konrad Hazi)

I was fighting only in the circles of honour and treason and in the first battle. I am quite proud of myself, because amidst the battle I was able to take the commanding initiative on my flank (as the commander was focused on the right flank while we were the left) and shouted some “good advice” with a strong voice to my fighting brethren – these “advices” were, to my amazement, executed, and , to my following delight, the outcome was more than satisfactory – the enemy flank was eliminated. I was killed in the process but had a smile on my face for a long time. The little nothing, but this is what I like best in these activities – tactics.

_DSC0858 (2)

Pre battle – Knut is cheering up our forces. (pic by Konrad Hazi)

_DSC0866 (2)

Our flank. (pic by Konrad Hazi)

Tournaments were tense, 40 reenactors were fighting in 1vs1. Knut won this one, besting Bjorn the Little by one point. These 2 warriors are the best at almost every tournament I have seen this year and their fights have a lot of tension .

5vs5 took place on the bridge over the moat. Kruki won this one.

Reenactors were partying on two concerts that took place at the spot. First one was a folk metal band Rum and was energizing, but true power were made by Bubliczki folk band. In the middle of their concert there was an electricity malfunction but it didn’t stop them, no. They made the great, completely energizing show, and no electricity was needed. It was great above all expectations.

Then there was a decent fireshow in the dark to finalize the tough day full of competitions.


Chemosh breathing fire. (pic by Konrad Hazi)

Above all we had a lot of good time, above the expectations (we just wished some hard working people unable to come along, like Chaos Ragnar, were with us at the time), and at this point I’d like to sincerely thank the hosts for the magnificent event. Can’t wait for the next year!

P.S. A word for wannabe-reenactors. If you’d like to start your early medieval adventure, and think about starting the adventure alone on some random event, think no more – Niflheim’s hospitality will break the ice for you 🙂


P.P.S: some more pics :

_DSC0958 (2)

Jarl Bjorn of PGOH proves his strength. (pic by Konrad Hazi)



Energizing concert of “Rum” band of our town of Rumia. (pic by Konrad Hazi)


..and even more energizing “Bubliczki” (pic by Konrad Hazi)



Me, Ewa and Krzysiek (pic by Konrad Hazi)


Zbyszek and 2 Bjorns playing Kubb. (pic by Konrad Hazi)


And last but not least:


Sophisticated early medieval gentleman Dziki of Naglfar 🙂 (pic by Ewa Pająk)