Kupała’s Night Mikorowo 19-20.06.2015

A bit late but here it is  :)…

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Mikorowo’s becoming an important annual event. This year’s event  (last year was here) was even bigger than the last years, and it seems it will be evolving. I really hope so, because it is a really nice place to go to. Fun, for Pomeranian reenactors, with great and very hospitable hosts. P.G.O.H and Village of Herbs and Flowers are main organizers of the event. Participants were PGOH, Piołun (“Wormwood”), Berserkir Hird, Niflheim, Karrega and others..

This time I introduced a new dish to our culinary database 🙂 I will post a recipe soon 🙂 Salty pancakes with cumin 🙂

Me trying to keep the fire alive. :)

Me trying to keep the fire alive. 🙂

Hafkitta :)

Hafkitta 🙂

There was a lot of things to do. Usual battles, tournaments, archery contests and camping. What was different? Battle contest this year was something new – it required skills with more than 1 weapon, included javelin usage and running. Unfortunately Niflheim’s jarl was injured during that contest but for all the rest it was really fun. Another thing was a “death run” of the warrior, that had to run through many enemies trying to kill him. Including savage women 🙂 Plus there was a 1vs1 for girls. I have not seen such stubborness and bloodthirst in ages…


The “death run” (PGOH pics)

_DSC2739 (1)

Bjorn judging a Piołun (“Wormwood”) warrior. Archery contest in the background.

For the first time I was using my lyre in the public becoming a sort of Norse Kakofonix 😛 I will try better with my skaldic poetry 🙂

I am getting into the skaldic role :). Pic by Patryk Białogrzywiec.

I really would like it to become bigger and remain as friendly as it is. One of the best events in reenactment season for me!


Krzysztof Rynek Rynkiewicz: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=740037169438976&set=pcb.1604674566485267&type=1&relevant_count=9

Magdalena Woźniak: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=892510480814999&set=pcb.1605442786408445&type=1&relevant_count=7

Alicja Michałek: https://plus.google.com/photos/115998755021744610500/albums/6163252793312509713

Mikorowskie Zioła http://mikorowskieziola.com.pl/index.php/galeria/noc-kupay-2015.html

PGOH: http://pgoh.eu/foto-album/mikorowo2015/