Vikings Uncovered documentary

Normans had spread throughout the world, they’ve been in many places, including North America.take a look at L’Anse_aux_Meadows as an example.

I think almost everyone heard about the Eric the Red, Leif Erikkson and  Thorfinn Karlsefni and their endavours in Vinland as said in Vinlandsagas: Grœnlendingasaga and Eiríks saga rauða however the mysteries behind the clash Norse vs Skraelingjar are still quite interesting to follow and search for answers. For me it is interesting because Norse were quite agile when it came to dealing with other peoples – they conquered and robbed the weak, but when they were weaker they were diplomatic as one can ever be. It tells a lot of the indigenous Beothuk people with their faces painted Red who seemed to be bloodthirsty and fierce enough to match the Viking expedition warriors…

Btw an important thing – don’t confuse Vinland with Wendland. Vinland is in Americas, Wendland is Poland 🙂

Here’s a video documentary on Canadian/ New Foundland settlers, I strongly encourage viewing it!: