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Reenactment – “To Go Viking”


An excellent trailer of a documentary about the Jomsborg Festival of Slavs and Vikings, Wolin, Poland shown from a reenactor-warrior perspective (there’s more perspectives because it’s not only about fighting). See for yourself… Continue reading

Dark Age Food&Beverages – Mead


Today another simple (we’d say: basic or even iconic) recipe. The most characteristic drink for all Peoples of the North – mead. We need: 2,5 liter of bee honey (constistency of fluid) 7,5… Continue reading

Early Medieval swordfighting.


The Dark Ages are quite an interesting era when it comes to the swordplay techniques. One could call the epoch an Era of The Shield and he wouldn’t be wrong. From the ancient… Continue reading

The Jewel of The Baltic Sea


Amber. The true jewel of the Baltic, quite common even these days. Visitors of the Polish beaches still search for it for fun. It is said to have some medical qualities, supposedly helping… Continue reading

Abraham ben Jacob – “The 13th Warrior”


We mentioned the “13th Warrior” movie before. The story is a fantasy of it’s authors, but some parts of it are echoes of the past. Like the Arab among the people of the… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse Music – Percival


Famous in Poland (and beyond), Percival, is a fresh and magnificent approach to an old theme of Slavonic/Norse folk music. One can listen to their live music during almost every major Viking/Slavonic festival… Continue reading

Reenactment Crafting – Naalbinding


Naalbinding¬† (“needle binding”) is a form of stiching with wooden/bone/antler needles to make socks, caps and other crafts. Naalbinding was a common practice in Early Medieval Scandinavia. We are still learning how to… Continue reading

Words of Power – Writing.


In almost every “civilized” culture across the ages, one of the first tests to tell a barbarian from a civilized man is nicely depicted by a dialogue from a popular movie “13th Warrior”… Continue reading

Dark Age Food&Beverages – Faramuszka (gramatka) breakfast soup.


An old Slavonic recipe. There’s some probability Normans knew it too. The soup is a thick, sweet and a very satiating meal. If made for breakfast can provide energy for a whole day… Continue reading

Northmen – The Genesis of the World


Mythologies of the North are specific to every culture and even tribe, but there are many similarities in mythos. The most visible is the void and the overgod and then trinity of the… Continue reading

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