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Kupała’s Night Mikorowo 19-20.06.2015


A bit late but here it is  :)… [Galleries listed at the end of the post] Mikorowo’s becoming an important annual event. This year’s event  (last year was here) was even bigger than the… Continue reading

Summer Solstice – Kupala’s Night in Mikorowo 20-22.06.2014


We spent this  year’s Kupalnocka (Kupala’s Night – more here: in Mikorowo with our friends from PGOH (Pomeranian Historical Reenactment Group) and some other very nice people we had a real pleasure… Continue reading

Kupalnocka! Kupała’s Night – when Moon and Sun are being wed!


Tonight is the Kupala’s Night,  a summer solstice slavonic holiday. Kupała is a god of love and fertility. The rituals that take place during the festival are related to elements of water and… Continue reading

Thietmar of Merseburg


Thietmar of Merseburg, son of graf Siegmund von Walbeck (25.07-975 – 1.12.1018) was a German bishop of Merseburg and an author of a famous chronicle, especially important for early history of Polan state.… Continue reading

Of Popiel, the duke eaten by mice.


Popiel (Pumpil, Pumpyl, Pąpyl – “ash” or “a bubble”/”an ulcer” (as a sign of a tyrant)) was a legendary Goplan warlord, duke and a ruler over Goplan land, an important hero of one… Continue reading

Tyr – the god that danced with wolves


Tyr is presumably one of the oldest germanic gods. His other names in other Germanic languages are: Gothic Teiws, Old English Tīw and Old High German Ziu and Cyo, all from Proto-Germanic Tîwaz.… Continue reading

Dark Age Food&Beverages – Mead


Today another simple (we’d say: basic or even iconic) recipe. The most characteristic drink for all Peoples of the North – mead. We need: 2,5 liter of bee honey (constistency of fluid) 7,5… Continue reading

Words of Power – Writing.


In almost every “civilized” culture across the ages, one of the first tests to tell a barbarian from a civilized man is nicely depicted by a dialogue from a popular movie “13th Warrior”… Continue reading

Northmen – The Genesis of the World


Mythologies of the North are specific to every culture and even tribe, but there are many similarities in mythos. The most visible is the void and the overgod and then trinity of the… Continue reading

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