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A must read: “Medieval Garments Reconstructed” (Lilli Fransen, Anna Nørgård and Else Østergård)


Hey there – check this one. Authors have allowed download of this one for free!     Advertisements

“Wiec Pomorski” Malbork 12.04.2014


A bit late but I absolutely have to mention that event. There’s a lot of reenactment events happening in Poland, but what we lack is a proper medieval fair, during which reenactors can… Continue reading

Viking dress – pattern and instruction


I am reconstructing a X century denizen of Truso and I spent last couple of weekends terribly busy on reconstructing: – Linen under dress – Wool upper dress The problem is that nobody… Continue reading

Reenactment Crafting – Naalbinding


Naalbinding  (“needle binding”) is a form of stiching with wooden/bone/antler needles to make socks, caps and other crafts. Naalbinding was a common practice in Early Medieval Scandinavia. We are still learning how to… Continue reading

Normans – Lifestyle


Absolutely amazing website on Norman lifestyle: Especially when it comes to daily life: Hairstyles!: Absolutely worth visiting – amazing source of all kinds of info on Normans.

Normans – clothing patterns


Here’s the link to one of the best pages with patterns of Norman clothing:

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