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The Art of Vikings


The norse art is something truly magnificent for me. Ages of conquest, colonization and trade with other peoples yielded the style both original and hard to confuse with anything else. Of course the… Continue reading

“Wiec Pomorski” Malbork 12.04.2014


A bit late but I absolutely have to mention that event. There’s a lot of reenactment events happening in Poland, but what we lack is a proper medieval fair, during which reenactors can… Continue reading

Museum of Archeology, Gdańsk


We have visited the Museum of Archeology in Gdańsk yesterday, as usual searching for early medieval stuff. And we found some interesting pieces. Unfortunately we didn’t take the normal camera with us –… Continue reading

Viking dress – pattern and instruction


I am reconstructing a X century denizen of Truso and I spent last couple of weekends terribly busy on reconstructing: – Linen under dress – Wool upper dress The problem is that nobody… Continue reading

The Jewel of The Baltic Sea


Amber. The true jewel of the Baltic, quite common even these days. Visitors of the Polish beaches still search for it for fun. It is said to have some medical qualities, supposedly helping… Continue reading

Reenactment Crafting – Naalbinding


Naalbinding  (“needle binding”) is a form of stiching with wooden/bone/antler needles to make socks, caps and other crafts. Naalbinding was a common practice in Early Medieval Scandinavia. We are still learning how to… Continue reading

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