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Slavic and Norse Music – Percival, pt IV


Percival is full of good musical ideas, when it comes to musical reenactment. Today we want to share the Eastern Slavonic “Pasla”. The song, sang in Ruthenian language, tells of a fate of… Continue reading

Kupalnocka! Kupała’s Night – when Moon and Sun are being wed!


Tonight is the Kupala’s Night,  a summer solstice slavonic holiday. Kupała is a god of love and fertility. The rituals that take place during the festival are related to elements of water and… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse music, Percival, pt III


“Oj Dido” by Percival is a Slavic song telling of young warriors, called to war by a slavonic “rada” (equivalent of the Norse althing), during which they died because this is the outcome… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse Music – Percival, pt II


This one is from the newest Percival’s album “Slava!” (slavonic:  “Glory!”) The whole album presents the folk/early medieval music of Southern Slavs – Croatians, Serbs, Macedonians . “Gusta mi magla”  is a Serbian… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse Music – Percival


Famous in Poland (and beyond), Percival, is a fresh and magnificent approach to an old theme of Slavonic/Norse folk music. One can listen to their live music during almost every major Viking/Slavonic festival… Continue reading

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