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Dark Age Food&Beverages – Bread Kvas


As mentioned before here, the Slavic word “kvas, kwas” (“acid”) comes from the name of Norse god Kvasir, whose blood was a component of Mead of Poetry, so wanted by Aesir gods. ┬áKvas… Continue reading

Dark Age Food&Beverages – Mead


Today another simple (we’d say: basic or even iconic) recipe. The most characteristic drink for all Peoples of the North – mead. We need: 2,5 liter of bee honey (constistency of fluid) 7,5… Continue reading

Dark Age Food&Beverages – Faramuszka (gramatka) breakfast soup.


An old Slavonic recipe. There’s some probability Normans knew it too. The soup is a thick, sweet and a very satiating meal. If made for breakfast can provide energy for a whole day… Continue reading

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