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Summer Solstice – Kupala’s Night in Mikorowo 20-22.06.2014


We spent this  year’s Kupalnocka (Kupala’s Night – more here: in Mikorowo with our friends from PGOH (Pomeranian Historical Reenactment Group) and some other very nice people we had a real pleasure… Continue reading

Viking dress – pattern and instruction


I am reconstructing a X century denizen of Truso and I spent last couple of weekends terribly busy on reconstructing: – Linen under dress – Wool upper dress The problem is that nobody… Continue reading

Jomsborg Stronghold Siege


We wanted to share a short film recorded in Warsaw last weekend (15.06.2013) during siege of Jomsborg Stronghold in Warsaw, hosted by Jomsborg Viking Hird.

Dark Age Food&Beverages – pots and grill put to the test.


Recently we have put our pots, grill and tripod to the test. Having some guests we decided to have a nice, little garden party with one rule – we decided to eat some… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse music, Percival, pt III


“Oj Dido” by Percival is a Slavic song telling of young warriors, called to war by a slavonic “rada” (equivalent of the Norse althing), during which they died because this is the outcome… Continue reading

Of Popiel, the duke eaten by mice.


Popiel (Pumpil, Pumpyl, Pąpyl – “ash” or “a bubble”/”an ulcer” (as a sign of a tyrant)) was a legendary Goplan warlord, duke and a ruler over Goplan land, an important hero of one… Continue reading

Tyr – the god that danced with wolves


Tyr is presumably one of the oldest germanic gods. His other names in other Germanic languages are: Gothic Teiws, Old English Tīw and Old High German Ziu and Cyo, all from Proto-Germanic Tîwaz.… Continue reading

The Jewel of The Baltic Sea


Amber. The true jewel of the Baltic, quite common even these days. Visitors of the Polish beaches still search for it for fun. It is said to have some medical qualities, supposedly helping… Continue reading

Abraham ben Jacob – “The 13th Warrior”


We mentioned the “13th Warrior” movie before. The story is a fantasy of it’s authors, but some parts of it are echoes of the past. Like the Arab among the people of the… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse Music – Percival


Famous in Poland (and beyond), Percival, is a fresh and magnificent approach to an old theme of Slavonic/Norse folk music. One can listen to their live music during almost every major Viking/Slavonic festival… Continue reading

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