Trelleborg was another location on our folks trip. Founded around 1000 A.D. (980 A.D. according to dendrochronology) . Trelleborg is a collective name for 6 Norse era “castles”. Trelleborg, Viking ring fortresses, were… Continue reading



Recently Una’s father and mother went on a journey along the Baltic shoreline, as true Normans would. They brought a lot of interesting loot, starting with books and brochures and ending with photo… Continue reading

Museum of Archeology, Gdańsk


We have visited the Museum of Archeology in Gdańsk yesterday, as usual searching for early medieval stuff. And we found some interesting pieces. Unfortunately we didn’t take the normal camera with us –… Continue reading

II Meetings with History and Archeology 23-25.08.2013, Wdzydze Kiszewskie


We have just returned from Wdzydze Kiszewskie from a magnificent event, hosted by Niflheim reenactment group. We stayed there for 3 days having a lot of fun, met a lot of magnificent people… Continue reading

Bayeux tapestry reconstruction.


One of the best  iconographic sources on late X and XI century is so called Bayeux Tapestry, showing the Wilhelm the Conquerors campaign to conquer England and the Battle of Hastings (which ends… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse Music – Percival, pt IV


Percival is full of good musical ideas, when it comes to musical reenactment. Today we want to share the Eastern Slavonic “Pasla”. The song, sang in Ruthenian language, tells of a fate of… Continue reading

Viking dress – pattern and instruction


I am reconstructing a X century denizen of Truso and I spent last couple of weekends terribly busy on reconstructing: – Linen under dress – Wool upper dress The problem is that nobody… Continue reading

Battle of Cedynia 24.06.972 A.D.


Today is an anniversary of the Battle of Cedynia, which is said to be a  first major battle of the Polish state (after uniting the tribes). Mieszko I, the Duke of Polans, succesfully… Continue reading

Kupalnocka! Kupała’s Night – when Moon and Sun are being wed!


Tonight is the Kupala’s Night,  a summer solstice slavonic holiday. Kupała is a god of love and fertility. The rituals that take place during the festival are related to elements of water and… Continue reading

Jomsborg Stronghold Siege


We wanted to share a short film recorded in Warsaw last weekend (15.06.2013) during siege of Jomsborg Stronghold in Warsaw, hosted by Jomsborg Viking Hird.

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