Dark Age Food&Beverages – Bread Kvas


As mentioned before here, the Slavic word “kvas, kwas” (“acid”) comes from the name of Norse god Kvasir, whose blood was a component of Mead of Poetry, so wanted by Aesir gods.  Kvas… Continue reading

Thietmar of Merseburg


Thietmar of Merseburg, son of graf Siegmund von Walbeck (25.07-975 – 1.12.1018) was a German bishop of Merseburg and an author of a famous chronicle, especially important for early history of Polan state.… Continue reading

Reenactment – Ogrodzieniec Barbarian Invasion 2013 (IXc-XIc)


We wanted to share today the tournament that took place last weekend during Ogrodzieniec Barbarian Invasion 2013.  The focus of the event isI Xc -XIc peoples of Nothern and Central Europe – Slavs,… Continue reading

Dark Age Food&Beverages – pots and grill put to the test.


Recently we have put our pots, grill and tripod to the test. Having some guests we decided to have a nice, little garden party with one rule – we decided to eat some… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse music, Percival, pt III


“Oj Dido” by Percival is a Slavic song telling of young warriors, called to war by a slavonic “rada” (equivalent of the Norse althing), during which they died because this is the outcome… Continue reading

Of Popiel, the duke eaten by mice.


Popiel (Pumpil, Pumpyl, Pąpyl – “ash” or “a bubble”/”an ulcer” (as a sign of a tyrant)) was a legendary Goplan warlord, duke and a ruler over Goplan land, an important hero of one… Continue reading

Reenactment – glassware jewellery.


Truso findings confirm the existence of an arabic trade route connecting Baltic coast with Arabic states. It seems that one of the most demanded commodities traded in Truso was glassware – glass panes,… Continue reading

A Mysterious Folk of Bodzia


Building an ordinary road can lead to interesting archeological findings. In Bodzia near Brześć Kujawski, during building of a A1 highway, 17 dark age tombs dated to Xc-XIc were found with skeletons of… Continue reading

Tyr – the god that danced with wolves


Tyr is presumably one of the oldest germanic gods. His other names in other Germanic languages are: Gothic Teiws, Old English Tīw and Old High German Ziu and Cyo, all from Proto-Germanic Tîwaz.… Continue reading

Slavic and Norse Music – Percival, pt II


This one is from the newest Percival’s album “Slava!” (slavonic:  “Glory!”) The whole album presents the folk/early medieval music of Southern Slavs – Croatians, Serbs, Macedonians . “Gusta mi magla”  is a Serbian… Continue reading

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