Northmen – The Genesis of the World


Mythologies of the North are specific to every culture and even tribe, but there are many similarities in mythos. The most visible is the void and the overgod and then trinity of the… Continue reading

Hygiene in Dark Ages


What people a millenium ago did to have a good hygiene? Did they bother at all? Popular culture wants us to believe people back then were dirty barbarians, living next to excrements and… Continue reading

Normans – Lifestyle


Absolutely amazing website on Norman lifestyle: Especially when it comes to daily life: Hairstyles!: Absolutely worth visiting – amazing source of all kinds of info on Normans.

Reenactment – Wilkomir’s swords


We are proud to present Wilkomir’s pieces. Those are Carolingian  swords from IX-X century. Such swords were used widely in Europe from IX till XI century, but the blades came mostly from Frankish… Continue reading



Truso, situated on Lake Drużno, was an Old Prussian (Pomesanian) town near the Baltic Sea just east of the Vistula River. It was one of the trading posts on the Amber Road, and… Continue reading

Normans – clothing patterns


Here’s the link to one of the best pages with patterns of Norman clothing:

+ULFBEHR+T – the best brand.


Early medieval weaponry is a very extensive subject consisting of various typologies and interdisciplinary studies. But the most revered of all weapons is a sword. Dark Age centuries have some things in common… Continue reading

Slavonic tribes – who were they?


The Slavs are an Indo-European ethno-linguistic group living in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, North Asia and Central Asia, who speak the Indo-European Slavic languages, and share, to varying degrees, certain cultural… Continue reading

Normans – who were they?


Normans (“people of the North”) is the common name for all peoples living in Scandinavia. The common name used for those people today is “Vikings”. This is quite incorrect, because viking is a name… Continue reading

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