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Vikings in the British Museum – an exhibition cinema documentary.


Yesterday we visited (me, Hafkitta, Snorri and Bartek of Ulfhoednar)  the cinema in Sopot to see the new multimedia project made by the British Museum. At first we weren’t sure what to expect… Continue reading

Elbląg Museum – remains of the nexus of three cultures.


  Elbląg, as mentioned in this post, was the nexus of Borussians (Pruthenians), Normans and Slavs, and they left a lot of artifacts around the city.  And archeologists are still digging up more… Continue reading

Castle Museum Ostróda


  During one of our journeys through north eastern parts of Poland we visited many museums and castles. Apart from very interesting sightings I always keep eyes open for early medieval stuff. I… Continue reading



The third stage of the trip mentioned in previous posts was Roskilde. According to Adam of Bremen and Saxo Grammaticus, in the 980s, Harald Bluetooth built a church and a royal estate in… Continue reading



Trelleborg was another location on our folks trip. Founded around 1000 A.D. (980 A.D. according to dendrochronology) . Trelleborg is a collective name for 6 Norse era “castles”. Trelleborg, Viking ring fortresses, were… Continue reading



Recently Una’s father and mother went on a journey along the Baltic shoreline, as true Normans would. They brought a lot of interesting loot, starting with books and brochures and ending with photo… Continue reading

Museum of Archeology, Gdańsk


We have visited the Museum of Archeology in Gdańsk yesterday, as usual searching for early medieval stuff. And we found some interesting pieces. Unfortunately we didn’t take the normal camera with us –… Continue reading

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